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If you are a local dog breeder who would like your own private custom web page we will work with you to create your personalized web page describing your puppies for sale.  You can list each puppy for sale with a detailed description and puppy picture.  When a puppy is sold, you can update your page to mark it “Sold”, or remove the puppy picture and description.

With your Premium Membership you will receive a custom web address, unique to you, which you can include in local newspaper ads.  You can even give it directly to people who inquire with you by phone, then they can quickly and easily view your profile and puppy pictures.

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Parent or Puppy Pictures (up to 8 photos included, additional photo packages available)

Additional pages are also available, please email or call to discuss your needs.  We will work with you to create a fully customized group of pages for you.  We do NOT do cookie-cutter web pages.

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